This is a site to learn what other people have gone through in our family courts, to air suspicions of corrupt judicial officers and appointed court collaterals, and to network with other victims of court abuse.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff and The Court have put pressure on Laura Lynn to quit writing. www.examiner.com, where Laura was a popular columnist, has restricted Laura’s access to write on their site after numerous complaints from lawyers and other related persons. No libel lawsuit was filed and there would be no grounds for such a suit, but it seems examiner.com just did not want the headache.

Instead of a libel lawsuit, which would be a loser, Judge Elizabeth Feffer and Justices Perluss, Woods and Zelon issued a restraining order against Laura based upon the fact that her ex claimed she “slandered” him. No documentary evidence was presented. In other words, the ex merely said he was “slandered” by Laura’s writing and gave no copies of any of the thousand posts Laura has written about the court. This issue may be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. We find out on September 24th.

Laura also posted many comments on www.courthouseforum.com. Commissioner Alan Friedenthal admitted to reading Court House Forum, even while he presided over Laura’s case. Years after Laura filed a complaint, the CJP gave Friedenthal a slap on the wrist.  The appellate justices mentioned above refused to void orders written by the biased judge. This issue is before the California Supreme Court and will be carried up to the US Supreme Court if need be.

Thus far, the Court has made no official apology or correction for the biased decisions made by Friedenthal and Judge Elizabeth Feffer which devastated the lives of two children.

Laura’s bank account was wiped out by the LASC. Her 700+ FICA score was destroyed. Laura is completely dependent on her supporters for her day to day expenses.

People are asking Laura to write for them. If you are an attorney or in pro per, send your facts and law to Laura who will arrange them into an understandable declaration, brief, or complaint letter. Laura can also research for you, though she cannot practice law. Laura’s usual fee is $75 per hour, but she may negotiate this.

Send inquiries to bohemian_books@yahoo.com


23 responses to “About”

  1. Christine John says :

    How can I contact you? Urgent….. my 11 and 8 year old daughters have been removed from my fulltime, stay at home care of them, since birth because of “Dr” Jeffrey Arden’s COMPLETELY FALSE (and fictitious) custodial report. Judge Christine Ewell, who didn’t allow any of my third party data to be admitted, and considered my Christian witnesses “not credible”,as well as my ex’s nasty, corrrupt lawyers, Joan Daniels and Diane Weissburg, and a vocational evaluator, Paula Hunnewell, that is well known as a “court whore”, have ENABLED MY ABUSER, (and daughters’ future physical/sexual abuser) to have full physical custody of them in Florida (completely isolated from those who love and care for them). My unsuspecting daughters are now in the arms [and bed and shower] of their abusive dad, a pathologically lying, corrupt, vindictive CEO, who now resides in Florida!!! As his spouse for over a decade, I was abused in every which manner — sexually, physically, emotionally and verbally. Did I mention that he’s a porn addict — into violent, sadistic TEEN porn, as well as lots of other sexual sadistic torture — which the courts refused to consider in the well being of the minor children. Please, please, please provide me your contact information so we can talk further. Due to your courage and boldness in writing about the LA County’s Corrupt Family Court System on Examiner.com, , I was able to obtain the FBI’s phone number and have contacted them in regards to Mr. Arden. We are taking further steps and would like (and need) your expertise in the matter.

    • Lynwod Sibleuy says :

      I went thru the San Fernando so called family court and found it to be a joke as so called rules for the court did not exist on the courts part and the
      Judge in charge of San Fernando is also a joke as he refered me to
      M. Stienberg who is all ways prepared to have a lame excuse awaiting
      for the courts errors and no care attitude and also I had a attorney
      that had dated the commissioner and I do not know what transpired
      with them but I have a educated guess
      Laura has my phone and e-mail for what ever trans pires and I will testify
      to the truth

    • jb says :

      christine john how can I contact you

  2. Windy Gregory says :

    The California Courts are BEYOND Corrupt,…and in my opinion, so is Dr. Anthony Aloia. He is clearly a corrupt Los Angeles County 730 Custody Evaluator in the Los Angeles Court System. Please contact me at purpose43@gmail.com if you are willing to share your experience and/or help this single mother who’s rights and children have been illegally stripped away. Rulings by this corrupt Family Law Court system which include attorneys who are in blatant collusion with these “Court Professionals” continue to happen everyday. You can read other parents who have had similar experiences with Dr. Anthony Aloia by doing a Google Search for his name and reviewing the “local.yahoo.com” articles.

  3. Niles says :

    The Los Angeles Family Law Court is not only on of the worst courts in the country. but corrupt and should be investigated by the Federal Gov. They have an agenda and it is not in the Best Interest of the Children. They need to be exposed and soon before they destroy other children and their parental relationship. The system is perhaps unwilling to investigate because they too are corrupt. It’s possible that many of them are child abusers and are using their power too accomplish this. They have a homosexual agenda. By diminishing the parental bonds, children become more vulnerable to these perverts. To control u and your child gives a sense of Godly powers so they think. We have to find a solution. email me at: ndegrate@yahoo.com

  4. dan leighton says :

    Please call Dan leighton producer fox 11 news
    Re story. 3108773392

    • CL says :

      My child is another one of the many children – who have come under the darkness of the corrupt court system…. these children have no voice –
      “Mom, you cant help me – no-one can” She is suffering – she has a voice
      but when she is kept quite – along with the teachers, Doctors and therapist
      by the courts and evaluators. In our case our judge even left the department
      and request that the rest of the case be sent to his new department. – this is just the tip of the iceberg- I have been afraid to speak out – but – this has got to stop and the light – the truth has got to shine in the darkest corners of The Family Court System…. An investigation into Dr.Tony Aloia – a 730 evaluator –
      is a must.. These evaluators and Judges also have personal relationships outside of the courtroom. Please do your homework. It seems many of us
      find this information after. Why not a complaint area on the court website –
      why not be informed to what you are stepping into – In reading the comments
      above I can say that they are right in line with what happened to us…

      • Mira says :

        that is SO true re: finding info afterwards… I feel like I am always a few steps behind… So terrible that this court injustice is so widespread, yet it is comforting to know i am not alone… Thank you all for sharing your stories and opinions!!

      • jb says :

        cl how can I contact you

      • Neha says :

        bc courts believe they are always right!!

  5. Miquel C says :


    My name is Miquel Corelli, I am a 43 yr-old single father, a college educated professional with no drug or alcohol addictions, no mental-health issues and raised with strong Christian values. For the last 3½ years, I have been in a bankruptcy-induced battle to regain custody of our 4 year-old Son impacted by an alcoholic Mother with a 16-year history of alcoholism. In the first 4 years of our child’s life, Mom relapsed (4) times while caring him, was admitted (3) times into a 30-day rehab program and requiring Medical Alcohol Detox. Mom began her struggles with alcohol and multiple intoxicants 45 days after our Son’s birth.

    Eleven (11) months after mom’s first relapse and 14 days after her discharge from Detox, the Court (Honorable James Endman) awarded me temporary sole physical and legal custody. In response to this ruling, my Ex’s Attorney, Barbara Irshay-Zipperman of Sherman Oaks, CA requested and was granted an immediate 730 Evaluation by Dr. Anthony Aloia, PhD. Now with only 4 months of sobriety, no history of independently caring for our child, and no physical residence, Mr. Aloia awarded Mom 50/50 physical & legal. In my opinion, Dr. Aloia’s recommendation was clearly “subjective” and without merit as Mom manipulated her psychological testing making her test results inconclusive as stated by Dr. Aloia in his Report.

    Since being awarded 50/50 in 2009, Mom and her Attorney, Mrs. Zipperman have repeatedly launched campaigns of false sex abuse allegations against me which finally prompted a call to CPS. Mom relapsed (2) more times, abandoned our child to secretly enter Rehab, illegally tried to move into a Safe House with our child, and filed 7+ motions with the Court requesting another “Aloia Evaluation” in an attempt to garner more custody. Because of Mr. Aloia’s precedent recommendation, Mom has always retained 50/50 custody while our Son’s childhood continues to be shaped and defined by Mom’s relapses and poor choices. Mr. Aloia’s initial recommendation made it impossible to modify or reverse custody back.

    Throughout our paternity case, my “In Pro-Per” requests for a change of custody have been rejected and my voice silenced when documentation of attorney gamesmanship and attorney-evaluator collusion has been presented to the Court. Each time, Hon. Endman sided with Mrs. Zippernan’s objections who served previously as District Attorney and with whom I believe Hon. Endman has had a long-standing relationship. On one Court appearance, I stood and watched as my Judge and my Ex’s Attorney conversed about attending the same Bat-Mitzvah before our next court date.

    Forty-one (41) months later, 3 attorneys, 1 bankruptcy, and 12 months In Pro-Per, I was “successful” in getting Mrs. Zipperman and her client to Adjudicate to a Final Judgment of 50/50 (August 2012). While “Successful” is certainly subjective, for me this was the only means to begin a life of peace for both my son and I we had never known. Today, I leave the protection of our child in God’s hands’ as all faith in our Courts to do right by the child is lost.

    While my story does not compare to the horrific stories of corruption and collusion impacting our Children’s emotional and physical lives, it does validate the backdoor brotherhood between Corrupt 730 Evaluators, select Family Law Attorneys and 111 N. Hill Street Judges.

    Please help protect our children and expose the truth about our corrupt Court system!

    Thank You- Miquel Corelli

    • laurajlynn says :

      Thank you to the previous poster for leaving out the child and other parent’s name. Normally the other parent’s name is acceptable, but you make allegations that have not been verified.

      First, I must say that I am a strong believer in 50/50 custody. I have a hard time believing a person with no drug abuse history and who claims “strong Christian values” procreated with a horrible monster drug addict out of wedlock. Even if the other parent is the horror you describe, your child deserves to have both parents in his life. (I never asked for supervised visits for my ex, even though I think his parenting skills are abominable.)

      One quick way to end the court abuse would be to make 50/50 standard custody and only where CPS finds abuse or neglect, vary. Make no child support in either direction the rule, even if one parent gives up time to the other parent, with the other parent’s consent. That would sift out the losers who just want custody to avoid paying child support. If the other parent does not earn much, they can go on welfare. The tax savings putting people on welfare compared to paying judges, lawyers, therapists and their entourage would be astounding.

      That being said, Aloia’s name has come up more than once with allegations of throwing the eval. That is not a good sign. And the other parent complaining was a woman, so, if Aloia is throwing the cases, it is not a gender bias…just a money making scheme.

      Love your enemies. If your baby’s mother needs and wants rehab, don’t use it against her, help her. Offer to watch your son while she is getting well with the promise of sharing custody again when she feels ready.

      I know some people are impossible to deal with. My own ex said he would rather spend all our money in court than for me to buy a two bedroom condo for him a mile from the ocean and a trip to Europe with the kids. Some people live for chaos and drama. Hope your kids don’t have to live through that.

      • Mira says :

        It is so sad to hear, but it is true with my ex. He is so determined almost possessed to get bankrupt over this custody battle… Just before the battle he complained that he had no money to buy baby milk; now he is willing to cash out 20 grant for the custody evaluator to “prove” to court that he is a caring father and I am a crazy mother… It breaks my heart to see my baby cry after each visit and wanting to go home with me as his father just rips him away!

    • Neha says :

      it seems to me that courts do everything in their power to damage the children and bankrupt the families…

  6. Christine says :

    I am dealing with corruption in riverside county. The 311 eval person was a pi hired by me ex. I even have photos of them meeting in public eatting discussing me. Mind you the evaluator lied and it lost me my children. My ex is the abuser and since he has money he bought yes BOUGHT my children. My ex knew to pick this evaluator off the list for a reason. I suspect his lawyer is involved as well because she was loosing on court. I had full custody prior to the corrupt eval. I have now been fighting almost a year. I was a stay at home mom who adored her kids , to now not even being allowed to see my children nor have any contact with them. My ex to me if I left him I would never see my children again. And thanks to a corrupt court system he made sure to keep his word. The real victims are my kids. I left a controlling abuse man and lost my kids for doing so. And we wonder why abused women stay ?!! Because they stay for their children. Something must be done about this.. I hope the evaluator that did my last report never is allowed to do this to anyone else. I do plan to sue her. She actually lied on her report saying she talked to people that she really never did.

    • laurajlynn says :

      It is sad. After years of bringing these kinds of situations to the authorities, like the CJP, the FBI and the district attorney, the exact same scenario plays out over and over again.

      The corrupt court personnel rely on the fact that it is impossible to know who is lying and who is telling the truth without a thorough investigation, and even then, as in my case, they can just “lose” the files.

      Some courts are going to electronic files, where every document is scanned immediately into the system. This may help solve some of the shenanigans, like when my ex served me himself, and then after I pointed it out in court, his mother wrote her name on top of his.

      But the bigger problems, like minor’s counsel and evaluators being paid off, that will take aggressive action on the part of law enforcement.

      • juliecasey says :

        If you would like to contact me please do. I could help support for sure if that helps. Thank you.

  7. Catherine G. says :

    Evidently we are just another victim of Anthony Aloia’s so called ‘custody evaluator’ scheme. We are CURRENTLY in an ongoing case where he was the custody evaluator. He was not familiar with any evidence, and used heresy throughout ‘report’. Determined that there would be ANOTHER evaluation in 6 months. We paid $20,000 for this??? He should definitely be investigated. He is hurting children and parents.

  8. Kevin says :
  9. Thank you so much! says :

    Hi Laura Lynn, I was hoping you could help me. I tried to contact Stan Burman but he’s not responding. I need to disqualify an attorney. Do you know what forms I need to go along with the motion and MOPA.

    • Gangster Girls says :

      Minor’s counsel on my case asked to be disqualified. Then the next one did, also.

      My most recent motion to disqualify a judge was shot down partly on the basis that I didn’t file a declaration or a verification with my motion.

      I am not allowed to practice law, but I can tell you about my experience. Hope you don’t make any of the same mistakes I made. (Apparently you already made the mistake of hooking up with the wrong guy or gal, just like I did. I hope your second time around is as good as my latest love.)

  10. juliecasey says :

    Laura should charge $300.00 an hour because she is worth a million. To find a women who knows the law is supported by millions of people because of her compassion, honesty, intelligence, courage, knowledge, integrity as a human being ( which is almost impossible to find in the legal system) is priceless. Bullies are trying to stop her from speaking the truth and writing articles that’s against the law! She will fight this and she will win! 2946 garnet I will support I’m on my way. Thank you.

  11. Might says :


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