Lesson to be Learned From Kelly Rutherford: Stiff Your Attorney

Divorce is Big Business.

I paid attorneys about $100,000, and ended up with a pretty crummy child custody order. Then I started representing myself and things got worse for me and my children. The end result was two childhoods destroyed and a void child support arrears order against me of almost $250,000.

Actress Kelly Rutherford is reported by ET and other news media to have spent over $1,500,000 on attorneys in her custody case. After spending all this money, she does have joint custody, but her children are ordered to live in Monaco. It would be tough for Mom to just stop in for a parent-teacher conference during the day.

One report said Kelly Rutherford filed for bankruptcy because of the huge legal bill.

Here is something to consider: Child support arrears may not be discharged in bankruptcy, but attorney bills can be. Not that either option is pleasant, but it seems that racking up huge attorney fees, if it saves on child support, is preferable to going it alone and losing in court.

The best solution is to purge the court of dishonest judges (making the halls of justice a very lonely place), and to revise child support laws to either do away with any payments but the basic needs for survival, as in Scandinavian countries,  or making the paying parent trustee of a trust for the children and depositing all payments directly into that trust.


About laurajlynn

The court's record in my family law case was severely altered. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence to believe minor's counsel Ken Sherman and Commissioner Alan Friedenthal shared bribe money in the case, in order to throw the case in an insane direction. My two children suffered grave and irreparable damage at the hands of the court. It is imperative that we use every legal remedy to return justice to the United States of America. Here is where I beg for funds: Please donate any amount to go directly to my two sons whose lives were torn apart by the court. You can paypal to bohemian_books@yahoo.com. Thank you for helping them recover from court abuse.

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