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LL is Back by Unpopular Demand

UPDATE: My second blog was taken down. You can read court docs in that case online at and clicking on the register of actions, then finding 37-2013-00041919. I won an arbitration award against someone represented by an attorney, but when I collect the $171,000, CSSD intends to grab it to pay Timothy Lynn, et al.

It seems that friends of Friedenthal want to help out their old chum, and are ruling against Laura Lynn with bias in San Diego Superior Court.

So, here she goes again…Click on the link and subscribe to Laura’s new blog that started as a real estate fraud type blog but is now about all kinds of corruption, including Court Corruption.

Laura’s new tag, created with another victim of court abuse, is Gangster Girls: The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help them God.