What Happens When The Court Loses Its Integrity?

The following is a press release from the FBI. This writer does not advocate taking your children and running, ever. But, had I done so, my children would be much better off and society would save money and pain. When biased judicial officers like the California Supreme Court called Alan Friedenthal write draconian orders, as the appellate court called orders written by Elizabeth Feffer, the court opens the door to anarchy.

I do not know whether the mother in this story was a protective parent or a looney toon or a mean, vindictive explitive; Because I do not know if her orders were written by an honest judge or if they were written by Steff Padilla, Debra Losnick or Patricia Ito.

God save the United States of America.

Mother Who Became Fugitive After Taking Her Children Overseas in Violation of Paternal Custody Rights Returned to U.S.

FBI Los Angeles April 10, 2014
  • Public Affairs Specialist Laura Eimiller (310) 996-3343

A Slovakian native who became a fugitive after taking her children overseas in violation of court custody orders was returned to the United States today to face prosecution, announced Bill Lewis, the Assistant Director of the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office, and Chief Charlie Beck of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Maria Pfeifer, age 32, a former resident of Los Angeles, is suspected of taking her children out of the United States in violation of court ordered custody terms in Los Angeles. According to LAPD detectives investigating the case, Pfeifer took the victims to the Czech Republic and Slovakia in June 2012 and did not return the following month, as scheduled, in July 2012. Pfeifer’s failure to return the victims violated the parental rights of the victims’ respective fathers, according to detectives. FBI assistance was requested when investigators determined that Pfeifer intended to remain overseas with the victim children.

In August 2013, LAPD detectives obtained an arrest warrant, and Pfeifer was charged by the Los Angeles County District Attorney with two felony counts of child detention with right to custody, a violation of California Penal Code 278.5. In September 2013, Pfeifer was further charged in a federal criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution (UFAP), a violation ofTitle18-United States Code Section 1073. The court later granted the victims’ fathers full custody of their children while Pfeifer was a fugitive.

Pfeifer is known to have spent time in her native Slovakia, Germany, and France, and investigators concentrated their focus in those areas, among others, where leads were generated. Earlier this year, a tip was received on a social website operated by one of the victim fathers that led investigators to a location in France where Pfeifer had been residing with the victim children.

Agents with the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office collaborated with the FBI’s Legal Attaché stationed in Paris, France, and French law enforcement authorities to recover the victim children.

In December 2013, Pfeifer was arrested at the FBI’s request by French law enforcement officers without incident in Divonne-les-Bains, France. Shortly thereafter, the victim children were reunited with their fathers and returned to the United States.

At her required court appearance in France, Pfeifer was granted bail and had remained overseas since her arrest. Pfeifer was returned to the United States this afternoon, escorted by FBI agents, and was turned over to detectives with the Los Angeles Police Department upon arriving to Los Angeles International Airport.

The arrest of Pfeifer and successful reunification of the victims with their fathers is the result of the joint investigation and international cooperation between, the LAPD, the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office, the FBI’s Legal Attaché in Paris, France, and French law enforcement officials.

The federal complaint charging UFAP is expected to be dismissed and Pfeifer will be prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

A criminal complaint contains allegations that a defendant has committed a crime. Every defendant is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in court.


About laurajlynn

The court's record in my family law case was severely altered. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence to believe minor's counsel Ken Sherman and Commissioner Alan Friedenthal shared bribe money in the case, in order to throw the case in an insane direction. My two children suffered grave and irreparable damage at the hands of the court. It is imperative that we use every legal remedy to return justice to the United States of America. Here is where I beg for funds: Please donate any amount to go directly to my two sons whose lives were torn apart by the court. You can paypal to bohemian_books@yahoo.com. Thank you for helping them recover from court abuse.

2 responses to “What Happens When The Court Loses Its Integrity?”

  1. J says :

    This is 2 different divorce cases, the one with older child (Hummel) was in front of Marmaro, then Cathcart, now Broadbelt with Minors counsel appointed. Unknown as to who presided over the latter divorce. 20/20 did a story on this, but it’s a ratings piece, so not sure how accurate. It can be seen on hulu.

    • laurajlynn says :

      Thank you for the information. I don’t know those judicial officers, which means other people haven’t complained to me about them and they never came up in my research. It would be great to know who minor’s counsel was.

      My bias is that a person who had “horrible abusive exes” twice, is probably much responsible for the dysfunction. Though, I do know one woman who had more than one bad court experience and she is a lovely, intelligent woman.

      Anyhow, the point I was trying to make is that if the courts were consistently fair and honest, there would be no need for actual protective parents to run.

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