Would You Vote For Debra Losnick For Judgeship? I wouldn’t.

The Metropolitan News-Enterprise writer Kenneth Ofgang wrote about candidates for the open judge seats. Kenneth was never too interested in seeing my documentation regarding Commissioner Alan Friedenthal, and the Met News even endorsed Friedenthal when he made his unsuccessful bid for the promotion to judge. Ofgang’s motivations as a “journalist” seem suspect to me.

So, when Ofgang wrote about Commissioner Debra Losnick’s campaign, I had to read between the lines. Ofgang did not endorse Losnick. He did give her valuable “air time” for free, and did not dig too deep into the public’s opinion of the dependency court commissioner.

Losnick was reported as saying “She entered the race, she said, one (sic) the advice of a friend who noted that she had ‘worked really hard, for a long time, in a tough climate.‘”

Really? And that qualifies her for the more respectable title as Judge? She worked in the star chamber of dependency court, which until recently was not open to the public. One of the parents who was subjected to Losnick’s judgment told me horror stories about the commissioner. This parent is one of my most reliable sources and is a lovely woman with a teaching credential. It is one of the several cases I heard about, where an intelligent parent had her (or his) rights to a parent child relationship denied by the family law court, fought back against the evil, and had the case transferred to dependency court, where the facts of the case would be kept confidential.

If I was a voter in Los Angeles, I would definitely check off one of Losnick’s opponents.

Though, like in my favorite episode of The Simpsons, when a school election comes up, the children are asked to choose between a walking douche bag and a turd sandwich. I hope L.A. has better options.


About laurajlynn

The court's record in my family law case was severely altered. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence to believe minor's counsel Ken Sherman and Commissioner Alan Friedenthal shared bribe money in the case, in order to throw the case in an insane direction. My two children suffered grave and irreparable damage at the hands of the court. It is imperative that we use every legal remedy to return justice to the United States of America. Here is where I beg for funds: Please donate any amount to go directly to my two sons whose lives were torn apart by the court. You can paypal to bohemian_books@yahoo.com. Thank you for helping them recover from court abuse.

8 responses to “Would You Vote For Debra Losnick For Judgeship? I wouldn’t.”

  1. Scarlet says :

    She is qualified for the most respectable title of Judge for her hard work and ethic. Taking the word of a parent is no “reliable source” at all. Unless you have seen the file yourself and can absolutely say the parent was wronged, then there is no credibility to her whatsoever. I’ve met plenty of people with teaching credentials that have absolutely no parenting skills. Once again, realize that the majority of parents that end up at the court of Debra Losnick will plead and cry for their children o matter what injustice has been done to them. I hope for the sake of Los Angeles nobody believes something written by someone who actually uses the terms “walking douchebag and a turd sandwhich” while trying to undermine someone else’s credibility and character.

    • Gangster Girls says :

      Some people think I’m funny. I do.

      My reliable source and I spent months together, working on a project. Because we live in different cities, we even shared a home for that time. I know for a fact she does not use illicit drugs, not even medical cannabis, drinks alcohol on only occasion, and then in moderate amounts, and is a woman of faith. My son loved her, also, and she helped direct him toward a better future.

      My source could make up a history and an identity, but she cannot fake character and wisdom like she displays consistantly. I’m sure her assessment of Commissioner Losnick is right on the mark.

  2. Scarlet says :

    I’m sure that I, as a foster child, that has been saved by Commissioner Losnick and has spoken to multiple other children that have been saved by her as well, I will continue to disagree. The children, not the parents are the important ones in her court. If you’re hasty enough to make a decision based off of this one person’s story, then by all means do so. Just know that the children she has saved are forever grateful towards her. There is a reason why years after they’ve been out of the system they continue to visit her. But then again someone hasn’t had to go through the foster care system themselves would have no knowledge about any of that.

  3. Patricia J. Barry, Attorney says :

    I am an attorney with direct knowledge of Comm Losnick’s unethical misconduct on the bench.

    In Yolanda Cuesta’s case Losnick consistently declared any evidence showing that the detective, the medical practitioners who examined the child and who found physical evidence consistent with sodomy, the child’s therapists, the child’s disclosures, Yolanda’s reports of sexual abuse, and DCFS’ conclusions that the child was sexually abused by the father irrelevant. She retained an incompetent and unqualified mental health evaluator, Michael Ward, at the expense of the taxpayers to say that Yolanda is an alienator and that she made it all up despite the overwhelming evidence that the father had sodomized his son. Ward admitted he had no background in child sexual abuse. The only individuals who said there was no sexual abuse were the father, his attorney, the minor’s counsel who always supports the abusive parent, Losnick, and Ward. Only because Fox News reported on the case several times was Yolanda able to keep custody and the child was protected.

    In C.J. Park’s case, Losnick did not demand that the medical and police records be attached to the report of CSW Aguilera. Besides not attaching the records, Aguilera lied in her report. A year later after Losnick took her children, C.J. received from the Court of Appeal a report of SART Nurse Cabrera who had interviewed the children. She reported that the children did disclose that their father was molesting them in the shower. Losnick gave full custody to the molesting father and placed their mother in supervised visitation without the reports and solely on the perjured hearsay of the social worker Aguilera. Losnick hired another unethical mental health evaluator, Mr. Kraman, who said C.J. was making it all up — he said so even though he admitted that the children were not doing well in their father’s custody. Kraman did not have the medical and police records. He did not care. Rendering an opinion on the mental condition of an individual without all the records is a violation of protocol for a mental health evaluator.

    In Jennifer Hebert’s case, Losnick was warned by County Counsel Melissa Searle and DCFS investigator Larryenaga not to give custody to the father Alexis Hebert because he was paranoid as a result of the schizophrenia he suffers from and because he had shown that he could not care for children. They said if Losnick awarded Alex custody the children would be at risk. Losnick gave custody to him, Since custody was awarded to him, numerous professionals have made mandated reports against him. The children’s therapist whom Alex handselected quit in disgust and testified in a deposition that Alex is unfit, that he witnessed Alex suffering from a bout of paranoia, that Alex believed a woman in a car in the therapist’s parking lot was after him. The therapist also testified that it is detrimental to the children seeing their mother only 1 hour a week which is what Judge Zeidler ordered. Judge Zeidler was assigned Jennifer’s case after I disqualified Losnick from the case. The children’s therapist also testified that the children are always filthy even with cookies in their hair, and their little bottoms and genitalia looked like they had suffered burns. The children are constantly ill, the 2 year old with gastroenteritis. The older child was diagnosed with anxiety because of being taken from her mother. The children are developmentally delayed. Alex refused to remove them from day care although the older child who could speak consistently reported being hit and abused there. She even had bruises on her legs where she said she was being kicked. The older child reports sleeping with “Dada” and not in her own bed. She masturbates in public spaces. Only because Jennifer, their mother, reported the day care to the State Dept of Licensing did Alex move the children to a different day care.

    Jennifer is now in Judge Iwasaki’s court (family law). Alex told Judge Iwasaki (Dept 63) that Jennifer is harassing him with false complaints. Judge Iwasaki agrees with Alex although it was Jennifer who got the children out of the abusive day care. Alex works full time, has the children living in a converted garage, and makes music videos day and night in the bedroom he shares with the children. He posted his 3 year old daughter’s photo with a music video in which he sang he had had seen the devil over and over again. The former children’s therapist also testified that he had made three mandated reports about the two children, and DCFS disregarded them. He testified that the police came out twice to Alex’s home because other individuals had made reports (not Jennifer) about the children. Judge Iwasaki is more interested in protecting Losnick and Judge Zeidler than protecting these two little girls. Alex has deprived the little girls from seeing their mother going on 14 weeks (order is that at a minimum Jennifer and the girls must visit one hour per week). When the children did visit with their mother, they cling to their mother and cry when they have to leave, because they do not want to go with their father. What kid would?

    Comm’r Losnick is not fit to serve as a judge.

    • Rosie Vincent says :

      We are wanting to do some recalls in this court house real soon as far as Losnick she terminated rights to a parent of her children because cognative delayed she had the parent jump through hoops and parent did everything and she still terminated! You LOSNICK will be hearing from us to warn any and everyone we come in contact with! Please contact us on anyone you think we should go after as there may be only one with decency in that court house however we will need help with funds as it cost to do this and we need to send a message “OUR CHILREN ARE NOT FOR SALE!”

  4. kate says :

    Debra Losnick is indeed one of the most corrupt. She cannot do her job as a commissioner without prejudice or without the incessant need to terrorize parents who are NOT deserving of the negative attention.
    Be a fly on the wall of any one of her daily proceedings and watch the carnage.
    And this is a woman, we’re talking about.
    I do not even know the writer’s source, thus I am as neutral a party as possible. Yet even I can say, hands down, that Debra Losnick is a failure, not only as judicial officer but also as human being.

  5. kathy says :

    Rosie Vincent:
    Please, how can I contact you?

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