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Would You Vote For Debra Losnick For Judgeship? I wouldn’t.

The Metropolitan News-Enterprise writer Kenneth Ofgang wrote about candidates for the open judge seats. Kenneth was never too interested in seeing my documentation regarding Commissioner Alan Friedenthal, and the Met News even endorsed Friedenthal when he made his unsuccessful bid for the promotion to judge. Ofgang’s motivations as a “journalist” seem suspect to me.

So, when Ofgang wrote about Commissioner Debra Losnick’s campaign, I had to read between the lines. Ofgang did not endorse Losnick. He did give her valuable “air time” for free, and did not dig too deep into the public’s opinion of the dependency court commissioner.

Losnick was reported as saying “She entered the race, she said, one (sic) the advice of a friend who noted that she had ‘worked really hard, for a long time, in a tough climate.‘”

Really? And that qualifies her for the more respectable title as Judge? She worked in the star chamber of dependency court, which until recently was not open to the public. One of the parents who was subjected to Losnick’s judgment told me horror stories about the commissioner. This parent is one of my most reliable sources and is a lovely woman with a teaching credential. It is one of the several cases I heard about, where an intelligent parent had her (or his) rights to a parent child relationship denied by the family law court, fought back against the evil, and had the case transferred to dependency court, where the facts of the case would be kept confidential.

If I was a voter in Los Angeles, I would definitely check off one of Losnick’s opponents.

Though, like in my favorite episode of The Simpsons, when a school election comes up, the children are asked to choose between a walking douche bag and a turd sandwich. I hope L.A. has better options.


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