Freedom Fighter Successful In Convincing the Entire 2nd District of the Court of Appeals to Recuse

One of the people who is trying to clean-up the allegedly corrupt, unethical and unlawful behavior of several judges on the Los Angeles Superior Court had a huge success. This reporter would not believe it if she did not see it on Appellate Court letterhead.

Anthony Locatelli, who was involved in a custody dispute which he claims was made all the worse by Judge Thomas Trent Lewis and collaterals appointed to make decisions on his case, filed a civil suit against Judge Lewis.

On March 15, 2013, a letter was written by Assistant Clerk / Executive Officer Daniel Potter. It states:

“At the direction of the Administrative Presiding Justice of this District, I am requesting the transfer of the following matter to another Appellate District.

B240813, Anthony Locatelli v. Thomas Trent Lewis

The justices of this District have recused themselves from this matter. Thank you for your assistance in effecting this requested transfer.”

You can read Mr. Locatelli’s blog at


About laurajlynn

The court's record in my family law case was severely altered. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence to believe minor's counsel Ken Sherman and Commissioner Alan Friedenthal shared bribe money in the case, in order to throw the case in an insane direction. My two children suffered grave and irreparable damage at the hands of the court. It is imperative that we use every legal remedy to return justice to the United States of America. Here is where I beg for funds: Please donate any amount to go directly to my two sons whose lives were torn apart by the court. You can paypal to Thank you for helping them recover from court abuse.

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