Suggestion in the Spirit of Christ

My readers might enjoy my biting and sarcastic tone. It is more fun to read Andy Rooney than Mother Theresa.

But my tone in court is far different than the noise I make here. And my voice at home, to the loves of my life Micheal and my two amazing sons, that is different even still.

For a moment, at the risk of losing the lawyers and the poor parents who have lost children to the corrupt court in Los Angeles, people who might enjoy hearing what their human selves think of the creepy court crowd, I will change my tone to my church voice.

To err is human. Everyone does it. Even I make mistakes. I snap at Micheal or my son. I overeat. I usually give back an overage if a clerk gives me the wrong change, but I think about keeping it. Jesus said even to lust is to commit adultery. That is why he came to earth as a man, and died on the cross.

Christ’s death was not horrible for the reasons shown in the movie “The Passion”. Lots of people have suffered worse physical torture. Some people live in constant pain for decades as their bodies degenerate in MS or other illness.

Christ’s death was horrific because at that moment, he took all the sins of all the people throughout time, and felt the separation from God that sin caused.

Do you know how bad you felt the first time you lied? The first time you saw someone stranded at the side of the road and you passed right by, because you had other stuff to do? The first time you cursed the guy who caused a traffic jam, then got up to the scene and saw a crumbled car and a body bag being lifted onto an ambulance?

Multiply that feeling by infinity and you know what Christ endured at that moment on the cross.

He tells us to die to ourselves everyday and to forgive.

My fight with Commissioner Alan H. Friedenthal was not something I searched for; He and it found me. I wanted legal custody of my son, because he asked for counseling to help him not get hooked on drugs and he was suicidal, and his father would not give him the required permission. It was supposed to be simple, according to man’s law. Commissioner Friedenthal tried to take my son away from me, instead.

My fight with Commissioner Friedenthal was my best try to convince him or his superiors to correct the awful harm he was inflicting on my children. If I was a slave and Master was taking my children from me, I would try to grab his pistol and fight him to the end, (except that I don’t know how to use a pistol, so I’d probably end up dead.) I do know how to use a pen. Or a keyboard.

On Friday, one of Commissioner Friedenthal’s colleagues, Judge Ipema, presided over a request for a restraining order hearing in San Diego. Judge Ipema used to work in Los Angeles County Family Law. I did not know that, before the hearing and would have proceeded differently if I had known, or if she disclosed that during the hearing, as she probably was required to do, ethically and legally.

I did know that the other party was going to attempt to bring up my writing about court corruption. That man did not show me the article he was going to enter into evidence before the hearing, as he was supposed to, but I knew his only hope of “winning” was to bring up inflammatory, prejudicial evidence. The problem with restraining order cases, as with family law, is there is no jury. The judge is judge and jury. So, there can be no pretrial motion to exclude irrelevant evidence. Even if a judge does sustain an objection in family law or restraining order cases, the bell is rung. It cannot be un-rung.

As a tactic I learned on debate team, I broached the subject myself, and explained that, though some people did not like my writing, it was truthful and protected. I used the public admonishment of Commissioner Alan H. Friedenthal as proof that my writing was allowed, and that I should not be punished for it. (My children certainly should not be punished for it, and Micheal, who has the most to lose in the restraining order and related cases, should not be punished for what I wrote.)

When I brought up the the admonishment, I saw a marked change in Judge Ipema’s demeanor. She went from soft spoken, wise and kind, to mean and vindictive towards Micheal and me. She said the admonishment was irrelevant, but overruled my objection to introduction of an article I wrote three years earlier, before I met the other party, that had nothing to do with this case.

Even though Judge Ipema denied a restraining order against Micheal and me, she also denied a restraining order to protect us. She also made comments that were rude and may encourage the other party to file more frivolous lawsuits. Her logic was awful and she misstated many facts and added information that was nowhere in the testimony.

It looks like I am forced to fight against the injustice Judge Ipema rendered. She may act like I am the bad guy. She is better off showing remorse. She can call us back into court for a reconsideration, on the court’s own motion, disqualify herself as per CCP 170 and order the hearings to go in front of a fresh judge. Then, unlike Commissioner Friedenthal, she can refrain from tainting the subsequent judge. She can even order that the other party refrain from mentioning irrelevant material in the second hearing.

I will forgive Judge Ipema, either way. God forgives her. But, if she makes an effort to repent of her sins today, she will impact lives here on earth in a much more peaceful way.


Important Notice: My comment about how I would act if I was a slave is not meant to incite anyone to violence of any kind. I am taking poetic license. If the court is wronging you or your children, please follow my example and fight within the bounds of our law and use words, rather than arms.


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The court's record in my family law case was severely altered. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence to believe minor's counsel Ken Sherman and Commissioner Alan Friedenthal shared bribe money in the case, in order to throw the case in an insane direction. My two children suffered grave and irreparable damage at the hands of the court. It is imperative that we use every legal remedy to return justice to the United States of America. Here is where I beg for funds: Please donate any amount to go directly to my two sons whose lives were torn apart by the court. You can paypal to Thank you for helping them recover from court abuse.

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