Don’t Be Saying “The King’s Got No Clothes”

For many years I risked the wrath of the people who have taken over the court in Los Angeles, by writing about some of the more public acts of corruption. I did not have to dig too deep or have any magic powers. I lived 120 miles away from L.A. and drove up there just for court dates and on the off chance I might be able to see my then minor child.

Commissioner Alan Friedenthal, who the California Supreme Court finally ruled showed bias against me, had ordered and maintained that mother and child should be completely separated. DCFS did not recommend that. No psychiatrist or psychologist was consulted. My record was spotless…except for that one parking ticket I got in Studio City. My lifelong medical record shows that I am hesitant to even take prescription drugs and I have never been a drinker.

My situation was not unique. My new friends Janette Isaacs, R.V., “Sam” and the rest all had nearly identical stories. In fact, I was once “accused” of writing something threatening about Al Friedenthal by Sargeant Wheatcroft; But the posting he was griping about was not even written by me. The author mentioned her “new husband” in the post, and I was a single woman and not in a serious relationship yet. The only difference between me and most of the others was my willingness to use my true identity, at the risk of illegal retaliation. And “the court” did retaliate.

Years have passed. My children both aged out and we are able to enjoy each other again. We are healing, slowly. The scars are deep.

One of the worst scars is that we have no faith in our legal system. We distrust police and judges. We also fear other humans, because they may be able to harm us with impunity.

I have a simple legal dispute in San Diego now. It is a property dispute, based on contract and an interference with that contract. You can read about it at

The defendants in that case thought I would not be able to afford an attorney to protect my rights. They did not know I studied law and had the best training any lawyer could ask for…taking on the team of government paid attorneys and judges in LASC. My civil case should be a slam dunk.

Unfortunately, I have a handicap. One of the bad apples from Los Angeles, Tamila Ipema, transferred to San Diego. It is possible she will spoil the whole bunch.

Judge Ipema presided over a restraining order hearing involving one of the conspirators in my civil case and me. Though she did not go as far as Judge Elizabeth Feffer, issuing a restraining order that would need to be fought to the U.S. Supreme Court, she did not give me protection from the other party, either. The other party claimed to have video of me threatening him, but refused to show that video to the court. He did enter an article I wrote as evidence. The article was titled “Is The LASC a Racketeering Organization?” It was written December 30, 2010. Three years ago.

I objected to this evidence as irrelevant. Judge Ipema admitted it.

Here is the entire text. Look for anything that looks remotely threatening to anyone, much less to Justin Cannatella of P.B. Sports, the other party, who I met about two years after this was written. Also note that Tamila did not disclose that she worked in L.A. Family Law until 2008 and came up through the ranks with Commissioner Alan Friedenthal.

Human Rights Alert (NGO) and Joseph Zernik, PhD, released a proposed schematic organizational chart of the LA-JR (alleged Los Angeles Judiciary Racket). They wrote: “The organizational chart proposes that LA-JR is widespread and well established, is supported by justice system agencies, and colludes with law firms and financial institutions large and small. However, It should be noted that the LA-JR today is primarily focused on a white-collar crime, and as such – is a loosely organized enterprise. Court Counsel Frederick Bennett, Clerk of the Court John A Clarke, and Judge Jacqueline Connor are listed in leadership positions.”

Is the Los Angeles Superior Court a racketeering organization whose members can and should be indicted under RICO laws, much as the mafia?

Most people think of racketeers as God Father characters, Jimmy Hoffa or Scarface. They think of gangsters toting guns and making extortionist threats in the shadows late at night. They think of bricks of cocaine and porno.

Ah…recent exposure of an often appointed custody evaluator named Dr. Joseph Kenan may bridge the gap between the perception of the Court as a professional, decorious establishment, and a typical racketeering organization.

Even though Local Rules of Court 14.21 does not specify that custody evaluators should not be men known to associate with porn stars and run alleged crack houses, it seems the judicial officers responsible for making delicate decisions about custody should have at least a smidgeon of common sense.

This reporter questions the motivation for Judge Elizabeth Feffer, Judge Scott Gordon, Commissioner Alan Friedenthal and others for accepting evaluations from a man whose reputation is of throwing drug fests and hiring male prostitutes. Let’s just say the integrity of the court is brought into disrepute.

Where is the CJP while the Los Angeles Superior Court gains the reputation of ordering payment to and services of men like Dr. Kenan, AKA Joe-blo? Well, they are in San Francisco. Nuff said.


About laurajlynn

The court's record in my family law case was severely altered. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence to believe minor's counsel Ken Sherman and Commissioner Alan Friedenthal shared bribe money in the case, in order to throw the case in an insane direction. My two children suffered grave and irreparable damage at the hands of the court. It is imperative that we use every legal remedy to return justice to the United States of America. Here is where I beg for funds: Please donate any amount to go directly to my two sons whose lives were torn apart by the court. You can paypal to Thank you for helping them recover from court abuse.

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