It’s Not What You Know; It’s Who You Know. And Friedenthal Knows Em All.

Ooops. We were trying to get a restraining order against Justin Cannatella, the owner of P.B. Sports. He allegedly hit Laura on December 5 and allegedly threw a bell at Mike’s face at 2 a.m. on December 14th. He was challenging Mike to a fight, over and over again. Mike would not take the bait. Instead, we decided to ask for a restraining order.

We were pretty confident going into it that a restraining order would be issued. We had filed several police reports against Justin, including the two incidents mentioned above, for which the police thought they had enough evidence to get a criminal conviction. The cases were sent to the City Attorneys Office for prosecution.

The morning of the trial, the judge, Tamila Ipema was overworked. Some other judges were on vacation and she had to handle name changes, as well as restraining orders. We waited in the hall until 10 a.m.

At first Judge Ipema was impressive. She is an attractive older woman with an accent from her native Iran. She explained the rights and burden of proof afforded in restraining order cases. She called the other case on docket first. She handled it the way we thought was fair.

When our case was called, the defendant did not want a court reporter. Judge Ipema did a good job. First she asked for the reporter’s credentials. Then she asked questions about our prior relationship with the court reporter. When we said we had just called a large service in San Diego and they sent a woman we had no previous relationship with, the judge ruled that the court reporter could stay.

We presented our case and the defendant gave his side, that part of the case took from about 11 a.m. to almost noon. Judge Ipema said we would need to adjourn for lunch. When we returned, it would be time for rebuttal testimony from us and the defendant could present his counter-claim. He was asking for a restraining order against us, based on our writing on another blog and our many calls to the police department about his alleged activity.

We were feeling pretty good about the whole thing. We had presented detailed accounts of what we considered to be violence and threats of violence. The defendant claimed that when we made 911 calls about him at two in the morning, that he was just minding his own business, hanging out. He was slouched back in his chair when he said this, in his entitled pose, wearing sunglasses on his forehead. We presented numerous independent claims of Justin’s violent and dishonest behavior from people we did not know, who either filed lawsuits against Justin or wrote one star reviews about him on Yelp.

The Judge had just listened mostly.

After lunch, Laura presented evidence to support her claim of being a knowledgable journalist, who never wrote anything defamatory. She gave as an example, that she wrote about a commissioner named Alan Friedenthal. Friedenthal had foolishly admitted on transcript that he was reading Laura’s blog outside of court and eventually he was admonished for that by the California Supreme Court.

Big mistake. When Laura said the word “Friedenthal”, there was a dramatic change to the judge’s face. The judge questioned the relevance. From then on in, Laura felt like she was back in the court of Judge Elizabeth Feffer, when Feffer took over Laura’s void family law proceedings from Friedenthal. Or in the Wild West.

Laura pointed out that Justin said he had tapes of her taken by his surveillance cameras, but did not present them as evidence. Justin finally showed two tapes taken on his camera. While the judge was in chambers making her decision, Mike and Laura agreed that the tapes actually supported their contentions more than they supported Justin’s. But Laura mentioned that she felt the judge had taken a sudden disliking to her. Laura said and then made a note to remember to ask the judge for a statement of decision. The vibe had become L.A. II.

After a rather lengthy interval, Judge Ipema returned. She apologized for the length of time it took her in chambers, and said a lot of reading material had been supplied.

She then gave a liturgy of complaints Laura had filed, stating after each, there was no proof. Her voice contained disdain. She denied the request for a restraining order.

She then turned to Justin and apologetically told him she was not allowed to issue a restraining order to restrict our freedom to file legitimate grievances. She said that though Laura had a legal right to write that she suspected Cannatella was a CI, it was written with no concern for Cannatella’s safety. She then gave him legal advice in a caring tone, suggesting he might file some other form of complaint against us.

The judge’s statement of decision was lengthy and detailed, obviously one she prepared back in chambers. But she omitted one fact.

She forgot to mention that she had done post law school studies at Georgetown, like Friedenthal, endorsed Patricia Nieto for judge, like Friedenthal and had worked in L.A. in the family law section at Stanley Mosk, much like Friedenthal.

It is reasonable to believe she was not able to be a fair and impartial judge, and should have offered to recuse herself, or at least put the potential conflict in the open. Instead she issued a ruling with no concern for Mike and Laura’s safety. What do you think?


About laurajlynn

The court's record in my family law case was severely altered. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence to believe minor's counsel Ken Sherman and Commissioner Alan Friedenthal shared bribe money in the case, in order to throw the case in an insane direction. My two children suffered grave and irreparable damage at the hands of the court. It is imperative that we use every legal remedy to return justice to the United States of America. Here is where I beg for funds: Please donate any amount to go directly to my two sons whose lives were torn apart by the court. You can paypal to Thank you for helping them recover from court abuse.

15 responses to “It’s Not What You Know; It’s Who You Know. And Friedenthal Knows Em All.”

  1. Celeste says :

    Yes, I can confirm that I had a similar experience with Ipema. In my case, I had filed two declarations reciting the facts of misconduct on the part of various sheriff’s deputies. The facts in the declarations were what biased her against me.

    I have personally witnessed this judge violating the law on numerous occasions. Some of the highlights include making up her own “facts” and adding them to the record, not allowing pro per litigants to state their case or appear as their own legal counsel, calling pro per litigants “argumentative and difficult”, refusing to allow written contracts as evidence, misreporting the proceedings in her minutes, etc. In the interest of the public justice, she should be removed from the bench.

    • Dawn says :

      Laura, I also feel Jude Ipema is unfair, biased and uses the honorable Judge’s bench for her own corrupt purposes. However, you must respond properly. Please help me force Ipema from the bench. Her actions resulted in a $40,000 stay in Intensive care for me and ongoing abuse and attacks by the Respondent. Please file a legal complaint with: Commission on Judicial Performance, 455 Golden gate Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102. This is the only way to stop her. Blogs left on the internet will not phase her. Only being removed from the bench will make a difference in her abuse o the court system. Numerous people, including me, have filed to have her removed from cases and have not prevailed. Please file the complaint with the Commission. We must band together and stop her. Please help me.

      • Dawn says :

        So far I have read numerous complaints regarding Judge Tamila Ipema. If you have a serious complaint with this judge, as I do, you must file a legal complaint with the Commission of Judicial Performance and have her removed from the bench. Her abuse can only be stopped by showing her abuse of the law and that she has violated some legal rule of law. Carefully choose your words and do not use hearsay or your opinion. Stick to the facts. I am a certified California Paralegal. Good Luck with your filing.

  2. Laura Lynn says :

    I filed a complaint as you suggested, but the CJP denied it. Your advice is good though. The more times they hear her name, the more likely they will finally do something about her.

    • Tin Tin says :

      Did this Chimpanzee lipped, neck beard sporting, entitled douche nozzle Justin Cannatella really strike a woman?!

    • Tin Tin says :

      Well, as we all know, we live in a day and age when women are absolutely incapable of telling a lie, ergo; when you say he allegedly hit Laura then I have to assume that he did in fact hit her.
      Mr. Cannatella is back from hiding out in La Paz Mexico and is currently traveling back and forth from West Hollywood, where he with the Male Adult Entertainment industry, and San Diego where he is an Extra on the new Fox TV hit series “Pitch”. There is talk of his extra “character” taking on a larger role in where he would play “Turd McGuilicutty” a washed up ball player from Montana with a brain tumor and small drinking problem; small, because any amount of alcohol exacerbates the symptoms of his brain tumor.
      There is also talk of an unofficial Justin Cannatella Fan Page coming soon. What police department would have the police reports filed by Laura and other people about Justin’s Violent behavior, possibly caused by his brain tumor? These reports would be good to have just in case we have another Bill Cosby on our hands.

  3. Tom Mackey says :

    Yeah, word on the street is this Justin Cannatella is an extremely violent fellow. Overheard at a dinner that he has close ties with Mexican mafia, commutes a lot from Mexico to Southern California under some suspicious “business” circumstances. Had a front business in Pacific Beach for awhile before the FBI started poking around and then he closed up shop real quick and fled to Mexico. Of course, this is all hearsay, but I’d stear clear of this guy nonetheless.

    • laurajlynn says :

      Thanks for the heads up.

    • Anonymous says :

      Tom, what you’ve written about my friend Justin Anothony Cannatella is liabilous. Cannatella does NOT have close ties to Mexican Mafia; in fact, he was one of the most prolific police informants we had seen in years. Justin’s informing helped lead to many arrests and convictions of members of different Mexican Mafia factions as well as drug dealers, human trafickers and rapists in San Diego county as well as in West Hollywood where male prostitution runs rampant. You need to remove your previous post.

  4. Anonymous says :

    How odd, I stumbled across this blog. I don’t know anything about judge Ipema, However, she’s Iranian, so, placing this gynocentric societies polictical correctness aside, that’s all you need to know … she’s Iranian. Now, Justin Cannatella is a mildly interesting character I got to know in 2013 while staying at the La Jolla country club. Justin’s parents are wealthy and he has a sister that was/is successful Reality TV star appearing in such movies as The Dukes of Hazzard (the remake of the remake), Jaws 4: This time it’s socially unacceptable, and, Algebra; Why we need it. Trishelle Cannatella, you can look her up on IMDb and see her resume. She was quite young and beautiful before she hit the wall around 2012 and so settled for marriage. She attempted to connect her younger, less successful brother, Justin, with the right people and get him some acting gigs, but it just never really panned out for him. His parents pay for him to open different business in San Diego which hasn’t been successful either. You can see mainly one star reviews on YELP for his last business, Pacific Beach Sports where he played the part of Scuba Steve. There are a few reviews where Justin Cannatella himself responds to one star reviews calling his customers “Cowards” and “Pieces of shit”. Currently, Justin Cannatella’s parents have payed for him to file papers of incorporation for an Auto Group, which is traditionally only done after having served years in the car sales business, which he hasn’t. He named it “Pacific Beach Auto Group” which is an embarrassment to the actual “Pacific Beach Auto”, which is an actual reputable auto business that’s been in business for decades. Justin seems to want to get in on other people’s success and ride their coat tails without doing any actual work. You’ll notice that Pacific Beach Auto Group has a bare bones web site and when you try to call, an automated message will tell you that the phone number does not accept incoming calls. This is Mr. Cannatella’s M.O. A low level con man full of pretense. I remember one guest at La Jolla Country Club becoming upset with Justin in 2014 over something that happened on the golf course. Justin began ranting at this guest and made a veiled threat. After everybody calmed down, the man offered Justin a contract for “Mutual Combat” meaning he and Justin would fist fight with niether one being able to file criminal or civil charges afterwords. Justin declined the offer. Now, on his Instagram, you’ll see him posting nonsense about being a warrior and having no fear, but apparently he did not want to engage in mutual combat with another guest, even after having threatened him, unless he could press charges. Later, Justin told some friend of that guest that the FBI was watching him. Justin Cannatella is another spoiled brat rich kid, a dime a dozen in La Jolla, a true coward in every sense of the word. He’s a fake. Nothing but pretense. In the above story, Mike did the right thing by not taking the bait after Justin threw a bell at his face like the pansy he is. Justin would have pressed charges or filed for a restraining order himself, that’s how these kinds of pansies operate. He’ll
    Come up against somebody, somewhere that doesn’t give a dame about criminal charges, or his sister, or his rich parents, and they will clean his clock. It’s just a matter of time.

  5. Anonymous says :

    UPDATE ****02/15/2017****

    Yesterday, I wrote how this pansy, Justin Cannatella, Instagrams nonsense about being a warrior and fearless. Can’t make this up, one day later on his instagram account he posts:
    Instagram Search: Just_enlightenment

    When your desires are strong enough you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve…Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness…..

    He posts this while sitting at the Hilton
    Resort and Spa, you know, because great achievement is born of great sacrifice. This guy, what a hubris filled, magnanimous self proclaimed Instagram guru. This isn’t the only resort and spa this guys parents have put him up at where he sits by a pool and pontificates about philosophy. Priceless.

    • Anonymous says :

      This guy goes to the gym a couple of times and instagrams about how discomfort is a necessary path to enlightenment. The douche baggery of this guy. Absolutely priceless.

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