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Is CSSD a neutral party?

Lynn v Lynn came before the Court yesterday for a motion for change of venue. The hearing was postponed and transferred from Commonwealth to Judge Thomas Trent Lewis on The Hill. Too bad. Commissioner Drewry in Commonwealth did not seem to be in on the out-of-court decision making about how the case should be decided.

Judy Hutchinson, an attorney for CSSD did seem to have an agenda, other than serving justice.

After  waiting from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. to find out where our case would be heard, I was free to drive back from L.A. to San Diego, where I live a happy life. Tim, my ex, went to Judy Hutchinson and wanted to have a few words alone. I thought that would be inappropriate and told the CSSD attorney so. She said she was allowed to talk to the parties privately, and that she had in fact spoken to me before.

The difference is, I don’t keep my communications with government agencies private, unless there is a privilege to do so. CSSD is an arm of the District Attorney’s Office. They are basically prosecutors. They are, therefore, required to share any evidence collected with both parties. Any verdict they procure can be overturned if they did not provide a “defendant” or citee with exculpatory evidence.

Also, Tim Lynn has gone into court before and been granted a restraining order after giving as “evidence” what some un-named police officer said to him at some unknown time. Mr. Lynn is now poised to go into court for yet another unwarrented restraining order or to ask for millions of dollars or to have me executed at dawn, and he will undoubtedly say “Judy Hutchinson told me Laura is…”

Of course The Court in LASC will take Tim at his word.



Can you help me get Steff Padilla off my case?

I can’t help too much, as I am not an attorney.

If she made no substantive ruling, think about CCP 170.6 (you get one get out of jail free card) or CCP 170.1, disqualification for cause. (CCP = Civil Code of Procedure. Google it.)

Someone should start a campaign to CCP 170.6 Steff Padilla and Alan Friedenthal every time they are appointed on a case. Unfortunately, people usually go into court with no experience and we are all taught to believe our judges are fair and decent people.

CCP 170.1 motions are routinely denied, but, if you get a lucky break and find enough evidence to support your claim down the road, and the judge is found to be biased on your case, you are supposed to get a motion to vacate all orders sustained. Unfortunately again, what is supposed to happen and what actually happens are two different things in LASC.

Also, an avalanche of letters to the CJP might help return justice to our courts. Download their complaint form at

Really, I Can Stop Anytime.

My intention is to focus my energy and time on other pursuits.

But your comments were so kind, I am compelled to say a brief thank you.

Also, I received an inquiry about how to complain about an errant commissioner. I wrote a response and then realized it would be easy to add that response here. So here it goes:

     One avenue is to file a complaint letter with the commissioner’s presiding judge. When your complaint is answered inadequately, file a complaint with the CJP.
     You can also file a claim, as you found in the link But judges have absolute immunity over issues where they have jurisdiction and the error was non-administrative. In practice, judges are given immunity for all wrongs they commit, the vast majority of the time.
     My greatest success was trying them in the court of public opinion. Print the facts of your case. WordPress will give you a free website and is easy to use. Be careful to avoid saying anything defamatory. Stick to facts. Not opinions. Label suspicions as thus. Attribute statements. Cite cases or print transcripts. There is an absolute litigation privilege. Anything said in court can be reprinted with an indication of who said it and in what proceeding.  For example, you would not write “Commissioner Friedenthal was biased and embroiled against me.” Instead you might write “Commissioner Friedenthal said on the record that he was reading my posts on CourthouseForum.” Then give a date of the hearing and the case number.
     This is not legal advice. This is information I learned while studying journalism at Colorado State University.
     Maybe the most important thing you can do is to meet other victims of court abuse. Choose your friends carefully. Ask to read their court documents. Use discernment.
     It is uplifting when other people know you are speaking the truth. Jesus said “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20) Thank you to my friends who gathered to do His will. God Bless.

Where in the World is Laura Lynn?

This is not “goodbye”. It is until we meet again.

My life is full and with the recent elimination of over 200 postings on this blog, my priorities just do not allow the time to rebuild the site in this format.

CourthouseForum was also deleted, erasing my early work, and my articles are not all accessible from one “page”.  Even the hard copy of my pleadings in case PD016769, Lynn v Lynn are difficult to find at the Superior Court. I have not had access to my file for years.

I can say there were over 34,000 views of this site alone, and that is only from computers that are recognized by the analytics tools. I am told that local Los Angeles law enforcement read my posts and higher level individuals at the DOJ kept tabs on what I was writing.

My children are both aged out. One of my primary goals in writing was to convince “The Court” to correct their terrible errors, to give my children an opportunity to know my super educated, wealthy family. My children had a birthright that was denied by Commissioner Alan Friedenthal, Commissioner Robert Zakon (ret), Judge Elizabeth Feffer, the Three Stooges at the Court of Appeals, Risk Manager Catheryn Lavender-Glen, Charlene Drummer at the CJP and the Men and Women in Blue in the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department.

My children have horrible mental health problems. They are both innately the most loving, intelligent, beautiful people I have ever met, and I am not just saying that because I am their mother. But neither is even close to reaching his potential as a contributor to society or in holding healthy relationships.

My focus now is turned toward repairing the damage to the mother-child bonds that were severed by the aforementioned court personnel and the Lynn Family. We also need to earn money to support the three of us.

So, I will not use any more time to write this blog. I will write a novel “based on a true story”. I will not publish it in the name Laura Lynn. That name will be phased out of my life.

All you have read from me was fact. The novel will allow me to express my suspicions that could not be aired without fear of having Friedenthal prevail in a law suit against me.

Because the buffoons in LASC were so prolific at ruining lives, my story may not be recognizable when I change the names. Hopefully it will be helpful at exposing, and perhaps slowing down the creeps who rationalize taking children from loving parents and selling them to their abusers, or drumming up business for their lawyer-friends and other collaterals.

As always my prayers are with the parents who are frustrated and broken; the children who are tortured; and the people who choose evil over justice and truth.


One Good Attorney Wanted

There are good attorneys out there. My sons want one of the good ones to represent them in a suit against Commissioner Alan Friedenthal, Robert Zakon, minor’s counsel Carlson, DeKlerk, Sherman and Rale, Judge Elizabeth Feffer and the Commission on Judicial Performance.

Now, before you dismiss the idea based upon immunity, consider that these children were not under the jurisdiction of the court. They were represented by Carlson, De Klerk, Sherman and Rale and then E. Scott Clark, just as any other person is represented by an attorney with a fiduciary duty and no immunity. Alan Friedenthal ruined the children’s lives, where he was under a special duty to protect, and later admitted it was unjust for him to preside over the case. The California Supreme Court issued a severe public admonishment against Friedenthal for his bias on the case. There was a CCP 170.1 motion to disqualify filed against Friedenthal in 2008 and he denied it; The appellate court also denied it. So the orders made after the motion for DQ was denied are all void.

The children are not fully aware of the harm that was caused to them. One blocked out memories that are well documented by health care personnel. The case file is destroyed and not available, anyhow. And all the children heard from their paternal family was given authority by the “Court”. There were void restraining orders written against me, their mother, telling the children that their father was telling the truth when he made up vicious lies about me. My younger son did not have any communication with me for almost five years.

If you read the 215 posts I wrote, which were deleted by a criminal a few days ago, or if you read my 600 articles on, you know there is an avalanche of evidence showing the extreme wrong done to these now adult children. Legal issues traumatize the kids, but they are willing to cooperate with a good attorney if they can be compensated appropriately. They can only accept help on contingency, but I would contribute my 15 boxes of documentation and any running that needed to be done. I can also edit documents, as long as my contribution would not constitute the practice of law.

Please contact me at (760) 966-6000 or if you are interested.